Friday, September 16, 2011

Vendor Purchase Order Issues in QB

If you enter a line item Lump Sum in QB and need to bill a percentage of this line item to match an exact quantity this can not always be accomplished.

This is an issue for some companies, these are the "solutions"

It is not an issue if you have a PO where you know what the exact payments will be or if you can bill a Qty or percentage of a line item.  You will just set the PO up with the varying line items.
PO amount $1,0000 consists of
Item 1    --- Qty 2 Cost 50.00 Amount is $100
Item 2 ---- Qty 1 Cost 900.00 Amount is $900
The first bill is entered
Item 1 ----Qty 1
Item 2 ----Qty .55
The second bill is entered
Item 1----1@ 50.00
Item 2----.45@900.00

Unless you have Items that you will be able to bill a certain Qty or exact percentage (to 5 decimal points) you will have issues.  If you need to bill a certain amount there are 2 work arounds, neither is perfect.

Work around 1
Each time you enter a bill, change the PO amount by entering a 2nd line to increase the PO to what it needs to be and keep it open
PO amount $1,000
The first bill is entered for 453.25
You go back to the PO and it has changed to 453.25
You add a 2nd line for 546.75 and the PO is no longer closed and the total amount of the PO is once again $1,000

Work around 2
Enter the Qty as the PO amount and the cost as $1.00 in our example the Qty is 1,000
When you enter the bill you can then enter the amount of the bill in the Qty column and the PO will not change and close.
The issue with this method is your reports,  the POs will show the Qty column as the amount of the PO, not the Qty and the Cost column will show the Qty.  You can't Customize column headers on reports unless you Export to Excel or use an add on program for reports (such as QReportBuilder)

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