Saturday, January 14, 2012

4 line 1099 address to include DBA in QuickBooks

You can access this link that provides the information below:

Printing a 4 line address which included the DBA on a 1099 forms.

Solution Description

To resolve this issue:
  1. From the Vendor menu, select Vendor Center.
  2. Right-click on the Vendor name, select Edit Vendor.
  3. In the field "Company Name" type in DBA and the "Company Name"
  4. Fill out the fields 'First Name', 'M.I.', and 'Last Name' (This information will appear on the top line of the address on the1099).
To view the 1099:
  1. From the Vendor menu, select Print 1099s/1096
  2. Click Print 1099s.
  3. Enter the correct From and To date, click OK.
  4. Select the Vendors name, click Preview 1099.
    • The First and Last Name will appear on the first line.
    • The DBA will appear on the second line.
    • The address will appear on the third line.
    • The City, State and zip on the fourth line.

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