Monday, October 20, 2014

Bill shows as unpaid in QuickBooks-check was written to pay

Did you enter a bill and then enter a check to pay the bill?  The bill will still show as unpaid because it is not "linked" to the check.

To correct this payment:

1. Go to the check written to pay the bill and double click to open it

2. Enter Accounts payable in the Expense Account drop down list on the lower portion of the check

3. Go to Vendor>Pay bills>click on the bill

4. Click "Set credits" in the area below the list of bills

5. Set the correct date and choose "Pay Selected Bills"

This will link the payment to the bill

1 comment:

  1. I like that there are ways to learn this kind of thing. It really seems like quickbooks is a good thing to use when it comes to working on your business. It could be difficult to struggle to figure out how to utilize this system when it has that much upside to it. Hopefully people will be able to find ways to minimize their struggles.